Michelle Bowman

for balanced representation on Guelph City Council
Efficient use of tax dollars
Rising costs of housing and food are leaving few unaffected. Michelle will prioritize the wellbeing of people and ecosystem services such as clean drinking water.        
More input from residents
Michelle believes in putting the priorities of the people she represents above her own. Improved communication will give residents a stronger voice.   
Building consensus
Better solutions come from incorporating more diverse views and working to build consensus.  City council work will be Michelle's main focus.  

Get to know the candidates and the issues they think are important in Ward 1 and Guelph

Watch for the many questionnaires that candidates were invited to answer during the election period.  Here are a few: 

Live Q&A sessions 

All candidates running for city council were also invited to live Question and Answer Sessions:

The Open Sources Guelph radio show on crfu gives you an opportunity to hear quick 10 minute highlights from candidates (see picture)

Michelle and Erin take turns talking about how the City of Guelph can help solve social and environmental issues at the forum hosted by the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice (27 minutes) 

Read a summary of what Michelle, Erin and Chidi had to say about achieving Sustainable Development Goals at the forum hosted by 10C

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce session gives you an opportunity to see and hear all the Ward 1 candidates (53 minutes)